Reasons for laser that cuts steel poor cutting quality

Nov. 17, 2020

laser wattage to cut metal cutting height needs to be set between 0.8/~1.2mm

Ensure that the steel laser cutting price cutting nozzle is not damaged, and check whether the model matches.

Use a cutting nozzle with a diameter of 1.0 to check the optical center, so that the focus is between -1 and 1

Check whether there is water mist on the protective lens

 Cutting effect is not good:

(1)Cutting stainless steel dross: there are many types of dross phenomenon

When there is only dregs on the corner, rounding the corner is the first choice, and the parameters need to be adjusted: lower the focus and increase the air pressure.

When there is dross on the whole, you need to lower the focus, increase the air pressure and increase the cutting nozzle. Here you need to pay attention: too low focus and excessive air pressure may cause the laser cutter for thin metal section to be delamination or rough cutting phenomenon.

The overall dross is granular soft slag, which needs to be solved by increasing cutting speed or reducing the steel laser cutter cutting power.

The dross on the side of laser cut metal near the end of operation is likely to be insufficient gas.


Section problems when cutting:

The section of the thin plate processed by 2mm steel laser cutting machine is not bright enough, and the section of the thick plate is rough. To ensure that the section cut is bright, the first condition is that the plate is good. Mainly manifested in: the surface of the board is rust-free and paint-free and oxidation is not serious. Another necessary condition is: the purity of the auxiliary gas oxygen is above 99.5%. In addition, when 3015 laser fiber cutting machine cuts, use small cutting nozzle 1.0 or 1.2, fiber laser cutting machine 1500w cutting speed is controlled above 2m/min, and air pressure should not be too high.