Causes of burst holes when laser cutter that cuts metal punches

Nov. 16, 2020

During production, cutting laser metal often needs to cut sheets with a thickness of 6mm or more. Many manufacturers have found that when punches sheets with a thickness of 6mm or more, blasting often occurs. The following will analyze laser cutting tool steel measures to avoid this phenomenon:


1. When oxygen is used as auxiliary gas

The role of oxygen in the 2000w laser cutter cutting process is to support combustion. When the oxygen pressure is too high, the punching pressure will be too high, and the plate will be broken only in an instant, causing deflagration. When the blowing pressure is reduced, the process of breaking down the plate will be slowed down, and there will be no deflagration.

2. When other gases are used as auxiliary gases

The blasting phenomenon of air as the minimum laser power to cut metal auxiliary gas will be improved. The disadvantage is that it will sacrifice a certain cutting speed. Inert gas can also be selected as the auxiliary gas. The disadvantage is that it will increase the production cost. …

3. Adjust the focal length of laser power required to cut metal

4. It is feasible to adjust the focal length to solve the blasting problem, but the operation is more complicated, and it needs to be tested and fine-tuned according to the actual cutting situation to achieve the best effect.