Laser cutting machine after-sales: you need to know these

Dec. 07, 2022

In October this year, our after-sales technician Jack went to South Korea to provide customers with metal laser cutting machine after-sales technical training, which was well received by agents and end customers.

Laser cutting machine after-sales: you need to know these

The immediate client for this training is an agent. Although the agent-customer has used the board-cutting software of the Bochu system before and mastered the laser cutting process, but has never used the pipe laser cutting machine of the Bochu system, and does not know the specific method of use. The end customer is the first time to buy a laser cutting tube machine for and does not understand the operation steps of the tube cutting laser machine. So the customer asked if the company could go to the local factory to train them. For other small trading companies, it may be difficult to meet the needs of this customer, but it is no problem for a large company like LXSHOW Laser.

Since the end customer is in South Korea, the company's after-sales technician Jack was invited by the customer to go to South Korea in October for training on the laser tube cutting machine LX-TX123. Jack is one of the experienced technicians of laser tube cutting machines and has strong foreign language communication skills, so this time the company sent him to Korea for machine training. During the training process, our professional after-sales technician Jack first conducts machine training for agents in English, and then agents use Korean to train terminal customers.

After the machine is transported to the customer's factory, use the crane to unload the container with the machine from the trailer, and open the container to check the condition of the machine in the box. After checking everything is fine, start to install the machine. First, adjust the level of the main bed, dock the extra bed with the main bed, then open the packaging of the feeding bracket, place the loading bracket at the designated position and fix it to the bed, and then install the feeding bracket. The whole machine is powered on and tested. The installation, training, and trial production of the machine took a total of 16 days. During this period, our technician Jack was conscientious, and the training explanation was serious, patient, and careful. He taught customers how to use the machine, and emphasized some precautions during the use of the machine. Customers are very satisfied with our after-sales technical training services, and the two parties have reached a friendly and pleasant cooperative relationship.

During the training period, Jack also participated in the Changyuan Exhibition held every two years in South Korea. The total exhibition area of the exhibition is 11,000 square meters, and there are more than 200 exhibitors. The Changyuan Exhibition is one of the more famous exhibitions in the welding and cutting industry, also known as WELDING KOREA, is one of the largest weldings and cutting exhibitions in Korea with a long history. It provides a platform for industrialized industries such as metal processing and welding to demonstrate the competitiveness of commodities and also provides a lot of opportunities for product sales and publicity. In particular, the publicity and display of welding have been increased, providing opportunities for the mutual exchange of products, technologies, and information at the exhibition. To increase knowledge and learn about new products, new technologies, and new information in large-scale foreign exhibitions promptly, to communicate with foreign laser equipment customers, and better upgrade and update the company's products and technical capabilities, the company gave our technical staff Jack provided sufficient support to go to the exhibition for learning and exchange.

Laser cutting machine after-sales: you need to know these

Jack met customers who had cooperated with the company at the exhibition and visited the exhibition together at the warm invitation of the customers.

Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the largest laser application and intelligent equipment development and manufacturers in northern China. It has an after-sales service technical team of more than 50 people, including more than 20 international after-sales technicians, who are good at English communication. They can not only communicate with customers in English fluently but also skillfully use various laser equipment of our company. At present, our company is still growing its team, and more partners believe in and join us. The growth of the technical team also allows customers who buy our machines to have better technical support and strong after-sales protection.

Laser cutting machine after-sales: you need to know these

In addition, when using the laser tube cutting machine for the first time, there are the following after-sales items that need to be paid attention to:

First of all, to master the operation of the machine, a series of operations from connection to shutdown need to be proficient.

Secondly, you must be able to use the system software installed on the tube laser cutting machine, which is not easy. The operating software installed by the manufacturer when leaving the factory is not specific. Although many customers have used cutting machines, some cutting systems have not been touched. This training is mainly because the agent has never used the tubes laser cutting machine of the Bochu system, which is why our company provides after-sales training. Sometimes training for a few days is much more efficient than groping by yourself, and it can be put into production quickly.

Again, you need to know the cutting parameters, such as cutting carbon steel of different thicknesses, what is the power, what is the speed, and the approximate range, otherwise it will be a waste of time to try to get the best cutting effect. For our company's customers, after-sales technicians will explain these issues during the training process.

The cutting parameter table of the LX-TX123 machine is as follows:

Laser cutting machine after-sales: you need to know these

In addition, optical path adjustment is a big problem. Our company's technicians will help customers adjust the optical path in advance. Generally, there is no problem. Sometimes the optical path deviation will occur after the equipment has been used for a while, resulting in problems with the cutting effect. At this time, you need to adjust the optical path. Adjustment is also a big project. It is generally recommended to find our technicians and tell them the specific problems in the process of using them. Our professional technicians can usually find the answer according to the problems that arise. If you want to adjust it by yourself, you can contact the technician to provide the manual for adjusting the optical path, and you can adjust it slowly by yourself.

There are also safety issues. If the equipment fails, you must know how to deal with it. You don't need to repair it, but you must deal with the failure urgently to prevent unnecessary losses and accidents.

Finally, there may be many minor problems during the use of the cutting machine that will catch you off guard (laser tube life, reflectors, focusing mirrors, etc.). There are many laser machine accessories, and problems with the joint use of various accessories may cause problems with the equipment. You must investigate patiently, you can contact our technicians for feedback, and you must learn how to maintain the equipment so that the laser equipment can serve us as long as possible.

If you are a customer who doesn't know much about laser machines, you will not be disappointed by choosing Jinan Lingxiu. You only need to put forward your purchase needs, and the company's business personnel will provide you with a very good introduction to related machines. When you choose a suitable machine and place an order to purchase, the company will also provide full support and arrange after-sales technicians to help you better learn how to use the machine you purchased in the form of online remote or on-site guidance.

Therefore, as long as you order a fiber laser cutting machine from Jinan Lingxiu Laser Equipment Co., Ltd, you don't need to worry about after-sales service. We have a 24-hour online after-sales service guarantee. If you have any questions during use, you can email us at any time. You need our technicians to identify the problem and help you fix it. Whether it is machine training or after-sales use, we can always help you solve all problems and finally make you satisfied.

Generally speaking, it is straightforward for a person with certain machine operation experience to operate a laser cutting machine. As long as you order laser equipment from our company, for your convenience to get familiar with the machine, we can also provide a user manual and video as a guide.

If you need it, you can email us via, and we can provide you with the LX-TX123 laser tube cutting machine manual and demonstration video for free.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Warranty:

Three-year warranty for the whole machine (including the generator)

If there is a problem with the main parts of the machine (excluding wearing parts) during the warranty period, you can contact us for a free replacement.